Friday, January 19, 2007

Guess Who's in the Kitchen with Grace ?

That's right - two newborn goat kids! It was Wednesday night when the temp was again -16 degree below zero and the wind was blowing up the snow that we have had since December 23rd. My son Nick went out to check on our goat girls and make sure all was right , while I just got out of a hot bath and jumped into my pj's ready to easy into a quite night. Just then the shop door slammed shut with the sound of screaming little goat's crying in panic. We went into our emergency mode that we have done so many times after the eleven years of raising animals here at the Funny Farm. First the sink is filled with warm water and a tiny bit of soap, the birthing towels are brought in along with the box of baby bottles, hair dryers and supplies. The cold little one's are softly rubbed while keeping them in the water to warm up and clean off. Then on to the towels for a gentle rub to start the bodies gearing up to nurse, then the hair dryer is turned on low to dry the soft curls and warm their toes. Next comes the goat's milk that has been warmed to just the right temp. After all this is done then we wrap them in a warm clean blanket and hold them for as long as it takes to get them into a sound sleep and sweet dreams. Back from the brink of death most of them come and these two are doing very well. The white boy is an angora and the red fawn boy is a cashmere.

When my boys and I started this farm back in 1996 it was after their father, two grandfathers and great grandmother had all passed away within 6 months of each other. We vowed that if we were to do this it was with one mission in mind "We would move heaven and earth to save those that we could and if we could not -- not a single animal would die without someone being there with them in their final moments" It has never been easy but I have never regretted a single moment. Many tears have been shed but there has been far more success stories then losses. We would like you to wish these two sweethearts a speedy recovery and a long life!

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Rebekah said...

I admire your philosophy in caring for your animals. What a special person you are!