Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Who wished for a White Christmas? We have had snow, snow and more snow! We have drifts that are 9 feet high and looking for more snow to come this Friday. I love snow but enough for a few weeks, please. It has been interesting since half way thru the snow storms we ran out of propane (so no heat or hot water). No worries here, we just went into camping mode and heated water on the electric stove for the animals and to take a sponge bath. I baked and cooked alot so I had a reason to have the stove on - no empty stomach around here. I finally got propane Monday and was hit with another storm to cover the drive again. I had great fun trying to take pictures of the birds eating quickly between the blizzards. I have posted some more yarns on www.larkspurfunnyfarm.etsy.com and I hope you like them, they where a lot of fun to make.

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