Friday, January 19, 2007

What's My Name Baby?

HELP - We need a name Please!
We are getting tired of being called "BABY" or "SWEETY" or the worst is
"PRECIOUS" Wasn't that the name for that poodle in Silence of the Lambs? We do not want to find fault with our two legged mom but she has named hundreds of four legged friends and she admits it - there just is no more good names out there!
PLEASE HELP - Contest rules: If you would send us one name per boy along with any definition or reason as to why you like the name along with a way to identify who sent it and on JANUARY 26th my two legged mom will pick two names. She will then post those names on this site and will then ask the winners to let her know how to contact you to send your PRIZE - That's right Bob Barker a Prize! What will they WIN?
Winners will receive a packet of six ink drawn cards with a variety of animal themes (worth over $15.00) They are from famous artists not my mom drawing them but real talent. So don't delay - we really do not want to go thru life being called "PRECIOUS"


Maus said...

Oh are they ever precious!! but we won't use that word anymore now LOL...
The smaller one (there is always a smaller one, no?) chould be called "Barrow" from the English meaning small mountain. The larger one could be "Harrun" from the Hebrew, meaning mountain. I think that's fitting as those are the first two born in the mountains and they shall be strong and live a long life!

mumof3 said...

Grace- They are just adorable. Hmmm, names. How about Mr. Tumnus for the smaller one and Aslan for the larger, furrier one. As you know, they were both instrumental in conquering the White Witch to save Narnia from the bitter century-long winter. I'd say these two have done their best defying the odds in your winter weather!!
Such cuties!

ponyexpress said...

Here's my two cents worth:
How about Justin and Willy for names? Your son brought these babies into the house "justin" time and I'm sure you must have thought, "willy" make it through the night.

Silly, I know, but it's winter and the brain cells are a bit frozen!

Mag said...

Hi Grace,

Here are my name suggestions for these two cuties.
Wavy Davy for the angora with the sweet little face and wavy hair.
Spicy Boy for the fawn colored one, he looks like he is a bit cinnamon colored.
What ever you name them they are lucky to have been born into such a caring place as yours.
Mag from MJF

Kygurl said...

Congratulations, you lucky gal, you! What I wouldn't do to have them in my kitchen! I've honestly never seen anything more beautiful in my life, and in thinking of the names for these little ones, and being true to my scot-irish family where every given name should have meaning, I would suggest "Theo" (Theodore) and "Zeb" (Zebidiah), which both mean gift from god, or god's gift, because that's just what they are!

Rebekah said...

I cannot believe how cute those guys are! That face just drives me crazy it's so cute. Okay, let me think up some names that are worthy of those cutie-pies. What an adventure.

kennelcreations said...

I would think the name Eve for the girl - she just looks like that would fit her. Sparky for a boy with lots of energy.

Patsy said...

Such cuddly little fellas. How about the names Cosmos and Nova? They are sparkling stars for sure.

Luzy said...

I could just kiss those sweet little faces!! You're such a great Mom to bring them in the warm house and enjoy them!
Ok, so here's my name suggestions...hope the kids like Country music!

Johnny Cashmere
Waylan-gora Jennings

Big hugs from your Colorado Farmgirlfriend, Luanne

Deb Burk said...

Have you ever considered naming any of your babies in memory of your deceased family members or maybe a nickname they have had?

This photo of the angora is just the greatest photo shot ever. I think your babies should be called Grinny and Gus!

Patsy said...

I just reread the post at MJF about Thor. How about the names of Zeus and Apollo?

Bluewrenn said...

Okay, I am posting entries for both myself and my hubby...

Mine: Magni and Modi, as they were the sons of Thor by his mistress Jarnsaxa. See:

Hubby's: Tanngnjostr and Tanngrisnr, as these are the names of the two goats who pulled Thor's chariot. See:

Bluewrenn said...

More name suggestions:

Gunnar and Jaegar (good Teutonic sounding names! Good goat sounding names - very billyish)

Odin and Loki, two other Norse gods (in keeping with the Norse god theme...)

Mjolnir and Megingjord, Thor's hammer and the belt he wears to give him strength to lift the hammer.

Rebekah said...

Grace, I know I said it before, but that face is simply adorable. Do all baby goats look like they are smiling? Here are the suggestions from our house. My 5 year old daughter says "Tom" for the smiley white guy. That is because Tom is the name she names every male thing. She is still deciding on the second one, it's between "Shane" and "David."
Mine are "Emeril" and "Wolfgang" (Wolfie for short). Two kitchen goats named after two chef guys.

ponyexpress said...

Since you all have been dancing around the kitchen, I thought musical names might be in order:

anime = lively, spirited
allegro = joyful, lively
brio = vigor, spirit

I have so enjoyed following the escapades of these little fellows!

rachael said...

what an adorable face!
i think he looks like a sterling...and the red fawn looks like a doctor bombay to me :)
good luck with the little ones!