Friday, January 5, 2007

Dressing Up a Silkworms Home

Don't you just love it! This necklace is made from a silk cocoon that I have dyed and then beaded. I have always been interested in this tiny homes and wanted to find new ways to use them. I added dyed cocoons to my Estes Park Wool Market booth in 2006 and sold out of them quickly, but I kept hearing from the customers" What can I do with them"? After feeling like a broken record I decided that I would put a book together of projects for these marvelous tiny hovels. They are so strong, yet so delicate. Nature is brillant! Since the snow is coming down again (six more inches so far) already on our tons we have received in the past two blizzrds I guess I will have lots of time to play with these these wonderfull ex-homes. If you are interested in any of these dyed or undyed contact me at and I will be sure to get them to you to play with. I have a large selection of colors so just ask and if by some weird chance I had not made your color that is easily fixed - dye pots are on the stove. Stay warm and well.

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