Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First to be born, First to be out of the Barn

The two brave boys of the barn.........
Rasputain is on the left and Rafael is on the right - they are all boy and full of energy. They spend their days jumping on everything. They use every mom in the barn and have even taken to jumpin on and off Chief - their protector and babysitter.

I still have not been able to take a great picture of the color of Rasputain but when my son was here Sunday he could not get over his fiber color. Also, Nick (my son) held him for almost the whole time he was in the barn. Rasputain loved the cuddling and I see him producing great kids in his future (Rasputain that is).

Rafael is the peacekeeper. I have seen him many times step between two little one's who have gotten out of control with pushing and butting heads. He also give his time to babysitting with the newest set of twins and you will find him licking their heads while they nap under the heat lamps. They are not only breath taking in their looks but more importantly they have tender souls...........

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