Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We are so Happy to See you !

Here comes Esmaralda's kids at full speed. On the left is Ellery and on the right is Eva. It took me a long time before the name of this little girl came to me. Then one night in the barn when I had fallen asleep waiting on another set of twins to arrive it was like someone whispered in my ear " EVA" and then came a shout in my ear " EVA". I jumped out of my chair thinking someone was in the barn and as I looked around there she was - out of her pen and at my feet - EVA it is I said! The moment I said her name she darted back to her pen and sat next to brother.

Ellery is just like the character who played in the Ellery Queen Mystery TV Show. He is a kind, disoriented, bumbeling but very intelligent gentlemen. He always gives in to Eva, is the least aggressive of the little boys but always first to figure things out. He also has figured out that I am the good guy and the food provider - what a sweet little guy.........

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Cris Melo/Meloearth said...

Oooh, what cuties!! I came to just get the link to mark your blog in my reader. Need to run now but will be back to read about your babies. They look so happy!