Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look Who I Woke Up To

Now I know this does not mean much to most but we do not have brown squirrels around here. In fact, we have the cutest black squirrels with tuffs on their ears. They always stay in our forest so imagine my shock when I heard my dog barking her head off. I went out the back door and here was this stranger making horrible chatters at me and my dog. Now I admit it, I do not trust squirrels........ I know it does not make sense but I just do not trust them. This one was pissed and scared - not the best combination. I tried to get thru breakfast but heor she and my dog just would not let it go. I went outside with a broom and only managed to chase it onto the porch light. After throwing sticks, dirt clods and even water I figured I would just go play with the goats and either the dog would get it or it would figure out how to get off my log house.

Just another reminder that we are getting too many unwanted neighbors around here.

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