Friday, February 1, 2008

I told you !!
These two cute boys where the first to be born on Monday, January 28th at 2:10 in the afternoon. The mother is a cashgora and the father is a red angora. As you can tell they love being with each other. The white with gray under tone boy was born first followed by his brother. His fiber colors are amazing. Black undertones on top of a carmel taupe. His has white markings flexed over his face. The little white buy had a little trouble getting mom to take care of him until I went in and gave him a little bit of a bottle and then sprinkled some of the milk on the brown boy. Mom was concerned enough about the taste on her boys that she then divided her attention between both equally.

They are very close and loving to each other. There play time is wild and full of joyfull jumping but nap time is close together with loving rubs against each other's heads. They are super friendly and already come to the front panel of their pen to get me to rub their heads. This is just the beginning of the sweet little kids.


Ivonnardona said...

What amazing little guys! They are so adorable. I miss the ones my father used to own. We had angora goats and the father we had was MEAN. But the little ones were so much fun. Awesome pictures.

Day4plus said...

Two little sweeties. Me thinks you need another naming contest. HA! I haven't visited lately but I will more often. MaryBeth