Friday, February 1, 2008

Wednesday is Esmerelda's Day

At 3:00 in the afternoon the Drama Queen started with her VERY loud cries. Now for those of us who have given birth I so understand her pain but this girl has a set of lungs that curl your hair. Esmerelda is not a nice girl to deal with and during her labor she dug so many holes in her pen that it looked like a war had happened. For those who have never seen a goat give birth - they paw at the ground to create a bed for them to lay in and push against. Then that same hole keeps the new babies in one spot and out of sight from those who might want to eat them. She had about six huge holes and the dust flying in the air was choking all of us. The first picture is of the little girl who was born at 3:45 with tons of cries from the Mom. As Mom was licking her clean up started the contractions for the second kid. Less then five minutes and out came the little boy. Now Mom was running in circles trying to lick clean two very active little ones. So I took the little boy and toweled him dry while Mom worked on the little girl.

This is the boy resting after I got him cleaned up and dry. I am sure he is going to be a heartbreaker. Look at that face.


Ivonnardona said...

Beautiful coat. I love he colors. You are definitely going to get some beautiful wool out of this bunch.

pumpkin seed said...

What an awesome experience it must be to help bring little lives into the world! The pictures are precious! I want to just kiss each one of those fuzzy little faces!