Sunday, June 22, 2008


Folks always ask me what do you do with your nights? Well, I have been working on getting this Baby Camel Down ready for the world. A friend of mine by a strange turn of stories ended up 8 years ago with a breeding pair of Camels. I have worked with him over the years teaching him all that I knew about the care and training of them. For that he has given me each year the offsprings fiber. The problem is they shed it and made a big mess of what little they grow - so that means weeks of hand picking to get the coarse guard hairs out and then the vegetable matter. Once I have it spotless then I wash it in earth friend hand made soap, dry in the sunshine and the finished fiber is breath taking - MARVELOUS!!!

You can get you hands on the lovely fiber at my etsy shop or contact me thru
You will drull all over it but please don't I worked to hard to make it perfect.

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