Saturday, June 21, 2008


Clem and I have had the week that makes you want to curl into bed and cover up your head. There is nothing worse to me then when I am in a restfull sleep and in the deepest corner of my brain I hear those horrible sounds of my cat ready to throw up right next to me in bed. I jerk straight up and he runs for the hills or my center of the livingroom floor. This issue has been going on now for months but now he is doing this every night. I have changed foods, limited foods, given medications and still there is no stopping of this nightly rountine. My heart breaks for him but since my carpet cleaning machine is not working (thanks to my sons) I have been reduced to hands and knees with spots that at times do not dissapear. I must also add that this routine is also hitting my stomach. I have been letting Clem spend time on the deck in order to lessen my scrubing and swearing - doesn't he look peacefull. Since he has no claws I really must keep a close eye on him because he would be a tasty meal for the fox who feels he is part of the family. Maybe we have weathered the worst - today the sun is out and no spots on the carpet.

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