Monday, June 9, 2008

Mishka is guarding the hay bales - Such a Gal

Everyone at the Funny Farm finds new skills and challenges but Mishka has picked the role of "Queen" to be her major title. The moment she saw the one of the llama girls had stopped mowing the lawn and was moving in on the tarped goodies she ran with lightening speed and placed herself on the tarp. With a grin from ear to ear she would not move. Even when the nibbling lips reached right under her to grab a few strands of leafy goodness. Although Mishka is the smallest four legged on the farm she wheels a great amount of power because everyone knows she is My Baby and nobody cross Two Legged Mommy. Mishka does abuse her power as so often happens when it all goes to your head - but she also uses her power for good.... saving the goodies under the tarp.

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