Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yes, his name is "SUGAR" because other then the fact that he is pure white when he came here (along with Casper) all he wanted to do is kiss everyone. Your legs, hands, face and anything he could reach. He is very shy to strangers but to the Gerber family he is very affectionate. As you can see his lock structure is much better and he produces such a large quantity that sometimes I shear him twice a year. Like his friend we estimate he is sixteen years old - his ear cutting is the same year. I do not practice ear cutting and explain that to guests when they are at the farm. Sugar is not as gentle with the younger boys - a bit of a grump when they get to playful but he is first to stand guard when a prediator is about.

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monica said...

Thank you for putting up new pictures of the animals! It is neat to see all of them!