Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Sweet Sylvester

Here is one of my Cashmere wether guys who grace this farm with their smiling face. He has turned five years old this year and I can not believe that he grew about another 1/2 inch in height this year. He came from a local breeder who could not see the wonderful gentlemen that was locked inside of him. He was a real handfull and no manners at all but with time all good things come to those who wait. He is strong willed with the other goat boys but a gentlemen to me at all times.

He produces yearly the softest smokey gray fiber that customers have come to appreciate and wait for each year. He is a ticklish guy so combing the downey fiber from his body is not always an easy task - slowly and daily a couple of strokes harvest the downey reward. Tucked in a paper bag with his name on the front I carefully placed the daily collected fiber. After about a week, the wonderous fiber is all together, so then I go about washing and carefully combing it. As I then make my customers aware of it's availablity - it fly's out the door. I am left with not a strand of this silver treasure. Wait - I have that giant gentlemen standing in my pasture awaiting his daily hugs and rubs. Another year of his smiles, gentle rubbing and leaning on my leg while I set about my chores and peaceful evenings sitting next to me as the sun sets here at the farm go by - it will soon be that time again to harvest that breath taking fiber. I am truely blessed.

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Katie said...

This is my favorite post today!

I love the wonderful relationship you have with Sylvester. What a gentleman. And I so enjoy the picture you have painted -- a few strokes each day, getting the downy fibers from Mister.

You are truly blessed.