Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rafael and Rasputain - Look at them Now

Rafael is the first picture and Rasputain is the second. These are the first born kids of this year and twins - my how they have grown. Still joined at the hip but Rafael is such a shy guy and Rasputain is the friendly one. What different personalities they have but their fleeces are just incredible. Since I have been battling this cold thing I did not want to get too close to the animals - my hands have been twitching to get a pair of scissors into those fantasic locks. When sitting and watching them in the pasture the sun just bounces off the sheen - made it very difficult to get a picture. Keep a close eye on the site because when these locks go up for sale they will be gone in a blink.


monica said...

Do I dare ask when you're going to list the locks!!!

monica said...

Maybe I ought to ask if I can pay for some in advance so I can be sure to get some! Even in the photos it looks like a dream to spin!

connie said...

i cant wait until my spinning abilities are equal to the beauty of those locks! peace connie