Friday, September 19, 2008

To answer a few questions

I have had several questions about the boys twin sisters????
Everyone is dong FANTASTIC - the sisters are in the girl pastures with their Mom's. Breeding season has started and so all but Rett is up there and all the boys according to age are in different pastures on the complete otherside of the farm. All of the snipped (they came to me that way) are together, Watson and Sherlock are in another pasture together and this years not so little guys are all together in another pasture. This keeps everyone safe - including me.

As for getting pictures of the girls right now that will have to wait - Rett is very protective during his courting, so I try not to get me in the mix. While watering the other day in my foggy brain condition I forgot to see where Rett was - well he ran up behind me and plowed me into the metal barn. Before everyone gets mad at him, he is only doing what Mother Nature programs him to do. My lead guy at the farm for 10 years "Thor" who passed two years ago NEVER, EVER did things like that, in fact he loved spending days sitting half way in my lap and licking my neck. It is hard for me to remember that he was a one in a million billy. So it was completely my fault when I forgot to keep an eye on Rett. I have the black and blue marks to remind me.

So soon I will have pictures of the girls - no worries they are doing great.


Aunt Jenny said...

I am so glad you are okay. I had a one in a million buck too..a Saanen named Trapper. When I got Mona the cow and sold my goats it was sure hard to see him go off to his new home. He had really good bloodlines and was just the sweetest guy (and the most powerful stink I ever smelled!!) and I miss him. But..I had a little Icelandic ram just about break both my legs one time. You just have to be so careful around the boys, don't you?
I just love reading your blog. The pictures are great too!! Have a nice weekend!!

monica said...

Grace, I hope you are okay! I am anxious to see pictures of the girls!

monica said...

Grace, seeing all of the pictures of your animals really makes me want to have some someday! Thank you so much for sharing with us!