Thursday, September 11, 2008

When will we ever learn ??

Today is a day that weights heavy on folks but when we stop and really think of what positive steps we have taken since that horrible day cam we say we have learned anything??

Folks now see danger, terror and fear around every corner. We are told each day how our financial world is crumbling, our leaders are faulty and there are growing fractions who hate everything we stand for - What is wrong with this picture??

I admit I stuggle to find the good in the world - but today is a day that we should stop and make something good happen in the world. If each of us would reach out to one stranger - imagine what we could do - We are our brothers/sisters keeper..

Today give yourself time to reflect, time to cry and then time to reach out...
Blessing to all of you and know that my hand is there for you.

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monica said...

It is sad how we become suspicious of everything! It is amazing the looks you will get from people if you just simply smile at them as you walk by! There is still a lot of good in the world, but people get scared and the media doesn't help any!