Monday, September 8, 2008

Spending Time with my Llama Boy

I have missed spending quiet moments with my strong bodyguard. For the past couple of weeks he has wondered why I have not sat with him during our silent morning sunrise meditations. He would give me sad eyes as I had to walk past him coughing and blowing my nose - all the while my heart was breaking that I could not spend time with those who I love so much but I love them enough to not spread the germs.

Sunday was finally our day. I took a chair and sat out with him as he munched on grass and watched over the farm in his regal manner. What always interested me about llamas is there strong sense of family. Their willingness to stand in a storm while waiting on me to finish chores, to guard even those animals who do not like them because that is what I have asked them to do but most of all their loyality is amazing. Over the years my farm has been blessed with the most amazing souls, Llama Boy is one of those souls and I cherish every minute we share. He may not except a halter but he will without words follow my every command. He walks behind me like I am holding a lead - it is an invisible lead that connects our hearts. He is my equal and a wonderful companion. I am relieved to have my meditation partner back.


Living Well 4 You said...

Grace, Llama Boy sounds absolutely wonderful. The two of you truly have a special relationship. Do you have any other llamas? (I should probably read further in the blog but I need to head to bed soon. I will be checking back to read more.)

God bless -

monica said...

I am so glad that you finally got time with him! I know how much you have been missing them!