Friday, September 19, 2008

Treats for your Doggy

I am giving a shout out to those who want to give their four legged furry family member a great homemade treat. Natural buscuits from Jogifarmgirl... You will find her doggy buscuits on her brand new Etsy shop. I love that if you send back your reuseable bag you get $1.00 off your next purchase. Got to love that!!

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Your dogs will give you big sloppy kisses.

To answer a few questions

I have had several questions about the boys twin sisters????
Everyone is dong FANTASTIC - the sisters are in the girl pastures with their Mom's. Breeding season has started and so all but Rett is up there and all the boys according to age are in different pastures on the complete otherside of the farm. All of the snipped (they came to me that way) are together, Watson and Sherlock are in another pasture together and this years not so little guys are all together in another pasture. This keeps everyone safe - including me.

As for getting pictures of the girls right now that will have to wait - Rett is very protective during his courting, so I try not to get me in the mix. While watering the other day in my foggy brain condition I forgot to see where Rett was - well he ran up behind me and plowed me into the metal barn. Before everyone gets mad at him, he is only doing what Mother Nature programs him to do. My lead guy at the farm for 10 years "Thor" who passed two years ago NEVER, EVER did things like that, in fact he loved spending days sitting half way in my lap and licking my neck. It is hard for me to remember that he was a one in a million billy. So it was completely my fault when I forgot to keep an eye on Rett. I have the black and blue marks to remind me.

So soon I will have pictures of the girls - no worries they are doing great.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hansel - you never need breadcrumbs

Hansel for awhile was lost without his twin sister but now he has found his way. Always ready to come and greet, first to comfort a frightened pasture mate and last to the food bowls. He enjoys hours of rubbing his neck and stroking his back. His down is soon to be released - pure white and ever so soft. Can not wait to get his fleece into the shop - another show stopper. I must admit I could spend hours just loving on him but way too many cuties who would object...

Did I forget to mention a name change??

For those who have been following my 2008 kids I forgot to tell you that "Ellery" never liked his name and decided to change it to "Avery", I guess all boys need to put their mark on things. Avery is a very vocal little guy and when he spoke I listened. Before he would never come to Ellery, so I set about asking him what his name was - after spending days with a baby book in the barn reading the names he answered to "Avery" and it has been his name ever since.

Avery had a horrible Saturday. I kept hearing Avery talking up a storm but that was nothing new - finally after the rest of the boys added their voices I decided I better go out and see what all the noise was about - well Avery had managed to get his back hips and stomach caught between two huge gates. I unclipped all the gates but he had wedged himself to tight in that no matter which way I tried to get him out he screamed in pain. Panic and fear was running wild and all I could think of was to break the huge gate off it's bolts. It is amazing what one can do when the life and safety of their little one is at stake. With all my might I pulled the gate off it's bolts and Avery ran out from between the gates. The other boys ran after him and licked him all over. I spent the next four hours sitting in the pasture making sure that there was no injury. After be pooped and ate some food I knew he had come away with only sore body parts and a terrible story to tell everyone. I on the other hand came back into the house and could barely raise my arms equal to my shoulders and boy did I pay for it by sundown. It was all worth it in the end - Avery I hope learned his lesson but you know boys - not always the quickest learners.

Rafael and Rasputain - Look at them Now

Rafael is the first picture and Rasputain is the second. These are the first born kids of this year and twins - my how they have grown. Still joined at the hip but Rafael is such a shy guy and Rasputain is the friendly one. What different personalities they have but their fleeces are just incredible. Since I have been battling this cold thing I did not want to get too close to the animals - my hands have been twitching to get a pair of scissors into those fantasic locks. When sitting and watching them in the pasture the sun just bounces off the sheen - made it very difficult to get a picture. Keep a close eye on the site because when these locks go up for sale they will be gone in a blink.

Meet Casper

Casper is my FRIENDLY old gent who never gives me a moment of worry. He came to us 12 years ago and from what we can figure he was already 4 years old when we adopted him. He was slated for slaughter before I found him - who could kill such a gent? Sixteen years old is Fantastic for this gentle guy - his lock stucture is not that great but his sheen and soft handle is what I love. When I add his fiber to llama or wool- the halo effect is unbeliveable - takes dye like none other and produces tons each year. His quite manner sometimes can give you a fright - he is like a ghost when he moves around but his kind heart makes up for any scare. With each passing year he gets a little bit slower but don't we all - his kind heart never changes and for that I am truely blessed.

My Orphaned Doe

I awoke this weekend to the dogs barking wildly and thought the fox was back trying for the chickens again. I ran outside blurry eyed and in my PJ's to find it was my little orphaned doe stuck in the pasture with the little goat boys. This little sweetheart has been here for three months now - I think her mother was killed by one of my nut job neighbors who feel it is perfectly O.K. to shoot out of season and on other people's property. Over the years I have had it out with several of them and I fear this little one is having to go thru life without her mother because of them.

Anyway, I told the dogs to stop their racket and she would settle down and hop out. By lunch I understood that she could not jump out and I would have to show her another way - Easy right? It is always upsetting when you are trying to help and all I do is make thing worse. Finally I decided just to sit and wait. With camera in hand I managed to get some snaps of the goat boys trying to calm her down. Her cries went on for hours untill the boys walked slowly up to her. The lead goat is Hansel - my caring twin who is always first to give loving attention to me or others. Next is Rasputent, the first to be born and the sweetest boy on four legs. All the boys came to comfort her and with comforting sounds they calmed her right down. Then the boys started walking slowly toward the barn and the doe followed. They got her to the barn pen which I was able to leave a gate open for her to walk out of - those wonderful boys where able to do what I could not - such wonders....

Each morning since, the little doe goes to the pasture with the little boys and eats her breakfast. It is sad to say that the deer herd that roams around here will not let her join but I think my boys have decided it is O.K. with them if she is a goat.


Yes, his name is "SUGAR" because other then the fact that he is pure white when he came here (along with Casper) all he wanted to do is kiss everyone. Your legs, hands, face and anything he could reach. He is very shy to strangers but to the Gerber family he is very affectionate. As you can see his lock structure is much better and he produces such a large quantity that sometimes I shear him twice a year. Like his friend we estimate he is sixteen years old - his ear cutting is the same year. I do not practice ear cutting and explain that to guests when they are at the farm. Sugar is not as gentle with the younger boys - a bit of a grump when they get to playful but he is first to stand guard when a prediator is about.

I Walk the Line Because Your Mine

This is "Johnny Cash" or "Cash" for short. You guessed it - he is a cashmere - I admit it we can not help ourselves with puns. He came from the same farm as Sylvester and is a proud, strong guy with a troubled soul. He is not quick to warm up to someone but he is a dear friend of mine. His fiber is a soft taupe and silver and is a great prize to harvest. Unlike my other Cashmere goats his fleece will blow all in one day so you have to keep a close eye on him otherwise you will be spending days collecting it from the pasture. When he came to use he hated (I really mean HATED) to have his hoof trimmed. My sons would have to take him to the ground to cut them but thru years of gentle talks, tons of stokes on the legs and a trusting friendship he know lets me cut them without all the trauma or drama. He will even come and sit with me which only took years to gain his trust. Strange as it sounds I won him over when I played "Johnny Cashs" greatest hits one day while cleaning the barn - something about his voice made my "Cash" believe we could be pals. So I walk the line - so he will be mine....

Sherlock Homes - What a Big Boy!

Hard to believe that this is the little boy who played in my livingroom and hopped from couch to chair only a two short years ago. Now he sits so proud and strong in the pasture - looking like a king. Yes, he has made his face dirty to attrack the girls but I am not letting him be the breeder this year - I never let someone under the age of three be the father of my herd. For now he gets to be a wonderful teenager and just look fantastic......

A Good Breakfast Starts the Day

After not being able to sleep again, I got up and decided to make me a good breakfast. I tried a new recipe of Pop Up Pancakes - Rising in the oven I sat about making a cup of coffee and slicing some fresh peachs. I forgot to take a picture of the finished plate of goodies because I was way too hungry to have the little gray cells thinking of anything other then EAT ME!!! This recipe will be a keeper, for sure.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

When will we ever learn ??

Today is a day that weights heavy on folks but when we stop and really think of what positive steps we have taken since that horrible day cam we say we have learned anything??

Folks now see danger, terror and fear around every corner. We are told each day how our financial world is crumbling, our leaders are faulty and there are growing fractions who hate everything we stand for - What is wrong with this picture??

I admit I stuggle to find the good in the world - but today is a day that we should stop and make something good happen in the world. If each of us would reach out to one stranger - imagine what we could do - We are our brothers/sisters keeper..

Today give yourself time to reflect, time to cry and then time to reach out...
Blessing to all of you and know that my hand is there for you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Spending Time with my Llama Boy

I have missed spending quiet moments with my strong bodyguard. For the past couple of weeks he has wondered why I have not sat with him during our silent morning sunrise meditations. He would give me sad eyes as I had to walk past him coughing and blowing my nose - all the while my heart was breaking that I could not spend time with those who I love so much but I love them enough to not spread the germs.

Sunday was finally our day. I took a chair and sat out with him as he munched on grass and watched over the farm in his regal manner. What always interested me about llamas is there strong sense of family. Their willingness to stand in a storm while waiting on me to finish chores, to guard even those animals who do not like them because that is what I have asked them to do but most of all their loyality is amazing. Over the years my farm has been blessed with the most amazing souls, Llama Boy is one of those souls and I cherish every minute we share. He may not except a halter but he will without words follow my every command. He walks behind me like I am holding a lead - it is an invisible lead that connects our hearts. He is my equal and a wonderful companion. I am relieved to have my meditation partner back.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Fall Colors on my Etsy Shop

Fall is just around the corner and I had to start the dye pots up again. Mother Nature is not going to get ahead of me. What do you think of these??

My Sweet Sylvester

Here is one of my Cashmere wether guys who grace this farm with their smiling face. He has turned five years old this year and I can not believe that he grew about another 1/2 inch in height this year. He came from a local breeder who could not see the wonderful gentlemen that was locked inside of him. He was a real handfull and no manners at all but with time all good things come to those who wait. He is strong willed with the other goat boys but a gentlemen to me at all times.

He produces yearly the softest smokey gray fiber that customers have come to appreciate and wait for each year. He is a ticklish guy so combing the downey fiber from his body is not always an easy task - slowly and daily a couple of strokes harvest the downey reward. Tucked in a paper bag with his name on the front I carefully placed the daily collected fiber. After about a week, the wonderous fiber is all together, so then I go about washing and carefully combing it. As I then make my customers aware of it's availablity - it fly's out the door. I am left with not a strand of this silver treasure. Wait - I have that giant gentlemen standing in my pasture awaiting his daily hugs and rubs. Another year of his smiles, gentle rubbing and leaning on my leg while I set about my chores and peaceful evenings sitting next to me as the sun sets here at the farm go by - it will soon be that time again to harvest that breath taking fiber. I am truely blessed.


For those who have been worried I am back and on the mend!!!

For the past three weeks I have been battling a horrible sinus issue which had put my in bed (mostly on the couch because I could not make it upstairs)for more time then I wish to count. I am not a person who get sick but I guess it was my time. I am also not a complainer but if Grace says she is sick, make sure she is SICK !

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes, prayers and home remedies - I think I have turned the corner. If not, I have just reached my last straw and will not be down any longer. Work around the farm is getting far, far, farm behind and winter will soon be here. No more moaning on the couch - it is up and out - sinus be dammed. Although I still can not see clearly, hold much food down and it feels like a jack hammer is in my head - I figure there are many more in the world dealing with much worse and they place one foot foreword. Besides there is no one going to get this farm ready for winter and breeding but me - Sucks, but true.