Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Callling on Sewing Gals

Remember I told you I went to my STASH the other day - I really was shocked - those crafty stacks of fabric have been busy multipling and I could not believe my eyes. Rows and Rows, Shelves and Shelves, Boxes and Boxes of wonderful fabric. My thoughts went wild, plans, patterns and creations all flooded my brain. Where to begin, what to make, when to find the time - what a great bunch of problems to have.

So here is where I am asking for your help. I unearthed a ton of flannel - lovely patterns, all girly girl flannel left over from my sewing business some 23 years ago. Well, I need your help

What is you favorite PJ or Nightgown pattern that would work well with flannel???
I do not need fancy but rather something quick to sew, something that would keep this body warm during the cold nights of winter, something that would work for this farm gal who is known for running out in the middle of the night to check on a expecting animal or chase a predator away while only wearing her nightgown and muck boots. You know Farm Gal Style. I sure would appreciate your assistance. Just leave your suggestions in the comment section if you would - the help is greatly appreciated.


LadyUnderThe Oaks said...

not knowing how much of what you have i would really have fun! and i would make long pants because of all your adventures out in the middle of the night you need warmth and covered legs. i would make long sleeve floor length gowns to wear over the pants. there are a lot of real easy patterns out there - mccall's and simplicity were my favorites...

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks so much for the suggestions - I am leaning toward a pant style with pockets because I am always in need of places for things - I have been trying to find a top that would not let the wind whistle in as my log house does have a few drafts but I look at that as a good thing - never have to worry about gases building up and killing me in my sleep. I will give your companies a try and see what I come up with - THANKS