Monday, August 31, 2009

Where does TIME GO???

I do not know if it is just me but I seem to be lossing more time then ever before. You know when you where a kid that time seemed to drag on when you where in school and how the summer just flew by within a blink of the eye - well for me I seem to be in FAST mode all the time. I swear I have no idea where this last week went..

All I know is that I must find a flow that works better for me - I feel guilty when I am not doing it all but it just is NOT WORK???

On a HIGH NOTE - while having to go into town Friday I treated myself to a movie. I went to see HALLOWEEN II - Yes, I am a freak about horror and sci fi... I am the one who never jumps, that is very hard to scare and knows the plot line in the first two mintues. I agree plot lines are thin in a Halloween movie but still I have to be the first to see it. I must admit there is nothing like the first of any horror series but I have every Halloween movie and I watch them over and over - I know, this from a down to earth farm gal but it is true I always have been a horror nut since I was a little girl and I am sure I will be one till my dying days. So keep those "B" horror movies coming - this farmgal loves every moment of it.

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