Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On with the Cleaning

Well, the cleaning fool is back into full swing - now the sewing/crafting room and then on to the altered art room. O.K. I understand that most folks do not have whole rooms just for their passions but I do and boy does it get out of hand sometimes. Now I dont know about you but all my creative spirit goes right out the window when there is chaos and mess.. I am not one of those artists who can work with millions of things laying around unlabeled, unmeasured, stacked in piles and with inches of dust covering the collections of goodies... I have to have order or my thoughts go flying out the window never to be seen again - trust me I have looked for them and they are no where to be found.

Even I was amazed and I must say a bit ashamed at the sheer tonage of products I have at this place. However, it is also great when the creative spirit hits and I never have to leave the farm to make that special project that is just screaming to be created. After three days or full tilt hard work I now have everything in the right rooms, labeled, stored, classified, cleaned and ready for those little gray cells to start the creative process. After great reflection I have decided I will also be placing some of my extra goodies on Etsy so I can to find them new homes because I really do have too much and never enough time to do it all.

Do you have something in particular you are looking for - ask and who knows I may have it and it may just be finding it's way to you very soon for you to reorganize, label, store and create something that has been living in your little gray cells....

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