Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Company came without invitation

After a good night sleep from all the reorganization, cleaning and sewing I awoke to renewed energy. The night before I sat and hand picked a wonderful Kid Mohair Fleece that had finally finsihed drying. I had planned to work on it this day in my newly reorganized fiber production room. As I was going down the stairs to put a pot of coffee on and to make me something wonderful from the fresh eggs my hens have layed when out of the corner of my blurry eyes I saw something moving in the basket of my lovely picked Mohair ringlets that was sitting nn the livingroom floor. I admit it I love to have the doors open in my house for the night breeze to move it's way thru the rooms and fill the with the cool breeze and sweet smells of Mother Nature. Unlike my city friends I do not worry about a stranger of the two legged kind walking into my house but I guess I should consider a four legged visitor more likely.. Now folks around here are dealing with the bears and mountain lions while I get a Mink's!! He was curled up sleeping in a blanket of every so soft Mohair - Who wouldn't want a bed of that but this is not what I expected to find as I came downstairs. I found out several years ago that we had them on the farm but they have always been very shy and run in the opposite direction from humans. I even have a all white one which comes into the goat barn during the worst storms of winter. Now I love animals but a MINK in the house, a Mink in the house and in my fiber is a big NO NO.. A VERY BIG NO NO... As I was trying to remain calm I went about making a clear path for me to run him out - Yup that was the plan..

Three hours later he is still in the livingroom running and hiding under the furniture. So Plan B - I start over turning all the leather chairs and couch. Just then he ran out onto the front porch. As I ran after him he stopped on the door mat and stared at me. Just then I notice the poor sweet thing had a huge gash on his left side of his head and his eye was blind. My heart broke. For a moment I thought how could I help??? He looked at me like "Can't you see I am in need"? Again my heart broke... Then I came to my senses and clapped my hands and he ran down the stairs and off onto the driveway. I shut the door and started my breakfast. Just a typical start to Grace's day - doesn't everyone have a MINK for company??

The very next morning this little guy brought into my house his wife. This girl I managed to get a picture of as she and her guy ran around the livingroom. Now you might ask "Didn't she learn to shut the door" answer, YES, I may be slow but I am not stupid... One of the problems with log homes is small animals use the logs as ladders and this clever little couple climbed up the logs and made it thru my upstairs window which has no screen. O.K. now you are saying "Could she not have figured that out before she went to bed"? Well, yes but I thought that the little guy was scared enough to stay away - who would have believe he would bring his wife the very next day??? Honestly WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT??

So this time Plan B was moved to Plan A and they both left the house as the last chair was turned. So now I have a sweet Mink family trying to become houseguest at Funny Farm Hotel for Lost Souls. Today I found the little guy picking off a green midget tomatoe that was trying to grow on my front porch - I really don't mind sharing as long as we keep it outside. I guess in my spare time (I have tons of that) I will have to read up on Mink - no I am not going to trap them and skin them but rather to give them a better option to make a home other then living in mine.

Anyone out there have experience with Mink???


stregata said...

The photo looks so sweet - but no, you definitely don't want them to move in! Will make your place reek of very wild animal - I had a weasel living under the floor of my room once!

monica said...

Oh my gosh Grace!!! Never a dull moment at the farm is there?!

larkspur funny farm said...

I guess there must be a sign out at the end of the drive saying "All are welcome" but I would like to add "Not in the House".