Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have been hopping

My new bunny family and I have been hopping around working our little tails off. It has been a spell since I have checked in last with you all and I am sorry for that but this gal has learned when I get the steam going DO NOT STOP!

It all started with just a little bit of reorganization in my walk in food pantry and before I could stop myself it consumed me. I admit I get a Wild Hare or Hair going when it comes to my cleaning/organization and my all around "Monk Behavior" gets a hold of me. However, now the pantry is all cleaned, restructed and alphabetized - you read that right - I told you I can get COMPULSIVE... I have been known to measure the distance of things when reorganizing things but doesn't everyone? With that being done I realized my kitchen had been in a mess since the shelving came tumbling down - so you guessed it - why not get that in order while I still had steam. Now we are talking about 1:30 in the morning but heck since I am up why not!!!

The next morning while enjoying my clean kitchen and eating my well deserved breakfast I could see from my chair the fiber production room. The weather guessers were saying a bad storm was moving in so I thought "No outside work today why not get cracking on the fiber room"? Bad Idea - three days later and still no end in sight.... Just when all hope was fading I finished but like with all things "GRACE" I decided you know what this room is crying out for - Drapes... The last set was shot and so I am off to the basement to see what I have in the fabric stash - HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS, I am entering the STASH. Land where weaker women then me have been lost forever....This is not your normal stash this is a basement full - a store in and of itself. I admit I have a weakness or some might say sickness for fabric but who doesn't??? I ask you, it is not normal to desire yardage of wonderful colored, textured and all be it every pattern known to man fabric - Right maybe not every pattern but I am not nuts you know - I can quite - Honest.

Well, I found just the right material - seven unopened packages of queen size flat sheets - Why would I have those??? Because 13 years ago I purchased them when a store went out of business and planned to make drapes for the game room at the old house. So I went to work and a day later I constructed wonderful drapes, a table cloth for the packing table, curtains for the laundry room and enough leftovers to construct three new nightgowns. All in All a great purchase and a great day of sewing.. Now I have a fiber production room that makes my heart sing when I enter it and does not blind me while I work at the Carding and Picking machines - you know what that means - FIBER GOODIES are soon on their way


monica said...

Sure sounds like you have been quite busy! It is absolutely normal to desire yardage of all wonderful patterns known to man!

larkspur funny farm said...

See I know you would understand Monica - two peas of the same pod