Friday, December 17, 2010

Grace + Day Cold Medicine = Disaster Big Time

Thursday was not my day!!! After unloading 700 pounds of feed for the animals in a snowstorm I came into the house to thaw out and trying to stop the beginning of a sinus problem. I took just one caplet of a over the counter day time cold medicine and within 20 minutes I could not even stand up.. I have no idea how anyone can take these and still be human. So I decided to just climb into bed for just a few minutes. With heating pad under my back and the covers pulled way over my head I started to drift off.. I admit maybe I should not have fallen asleep to the movie "Devils Advocate" but before I knew it I was in a medicated sleep. Suddenly I snapped out of bed like I had been shot out of a cannon. I looked at the clock and it said 3:15, I thought "Oh, My Gosh"! I have slept for a whole day....

I could not seem to get my head to stop swimming and I was in such a panic because I thought my poor animals have had to go a whole day without eat and warm water... Still in my fog I went to the office and was going to check on line for orders and emails. As I rounded the corner of the table I gracefully walked right into the table which in turn knocked over a big glass on tea. With my reactions be anything but quick the glass managed to pounce and leap over to the other table which is where my computer resides. You guessed it, the whole glass of tea went all over the keyboard and mouse.....

I grabbed them both and turned them upside down, ran to get towels and proceeded to walk smacked dab into the corner of the door. After trying to shake out the tea, towel dry it, hair dryer it and prayed a lot I knew it was not going to fix what this gal had done. I did not give up hope and all through the day and into the night I would check if it would connect but no such luck.

O.K. I am screwed!!!! I had planned not to leave the farm until consumer hell was iver or at least until after the holidays but now I was going to have to get myself ready to brave the icy roads and unfriendly shoppers to replace what this drug impaired gal had done to her own equipment.... Screw this holiday spirit - I know better then to take drugs - nothing good every comes from it... Another GRACEFUL day!!! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings??

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Anonymous said...

You made it through!!! I admire your determination, words and all!!
Shary Lou