Saturday, December 4, 2010

Seize The Day!!

Ozzie is always getting the most out of each day and also the food. This young billy is this years lead guy. For those who do not know Ozzie was born 2/16/10, his mother is Esmeralda and he was one out of the set of triplets. Ozzie's brother Oscar passed away a week couple of weeks after birth but his sister Olivia has grown into a princess (at least she thinks she is and acts as if she is) but that is too be expected - it is in their blood lines. Ozzie never misses a chance to show his peers this fact. Ozzie always has to stand in the feed bunker to prove he is the top guy but what that means to me is I have a chance to pet his buttery soft cashmere covered body. He allows me and I do mean ALLOWS ME because he is very quick and could jump out with a blink of my eyes but he knows I am doing a wellness check. O.K., I just want to get my hands on that fiber but let's not tell him. I also love how even though he is only 10 months old he stood in front of his yearling peers as the coyote passed by their pasture Thursday morning. He stomped his feet and let out his strongest male warning that this little body could produce. Such a brave and noble billy - I just LOVE my guys.
So in Ozzie's honor let's all SEIZE THE DAY, STOMP OUR FEET AND HOLD THE LINE!!

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