Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HE'S BACK!!! Where is my Rifle?

After several checks on the injured boys in the still dark cold night I snuggled into bed and pulled my covers over my head. I was just in the middle of a strange dream when I heard my Llamas giving out their alarm call. I sprang from bed and looked for the llama's in their pasture - this is what I saw.... That (ton of four letter words I will not type but was screaming out my bedroom window) COYOTE is asking to be pelt on my wall. I have two wonderful coyote pelts hanging on my wall as I sit at the computer typing away. I get to pet them, talk to them and know there are two less trying to hurt my sweet ones.

I could not get the zoom to get close enough for a picture but on his face he has a nice long cut - hopefully from one of my Big Billies. That still did not keep him from coming back.

My Great Pry's where going nuts, the three Llama's where now running the fence line to chase him away and I have considered getting the rifle ready for his next appearance. I guess December is going to be keeping me on my toes....


Keeper of the Past said...

Get the gun loaded, hope the coyote hangs on the wall by the other 2 soon.

Sheri said...

I'm with Sarita - keep that gun loaded. I hope you nail him soon.