Sunday, December 26, 2010

Moving into the New Year

I have never been one to make New Years Resolutions but I do review the year and see where there might be a need to improve. Yeah, like there is never room for improvement! I have been struggling with the issue of "CHANGE" I understand most folks do but now I am feeling a great need to step up and greet change without panic, dread or depression.... I have always been one of those folks who shine when there are hard decisions to be made. I can handle some of life's biggest hurdles without crumbling or needing to reach for comfort food or a drink. I have kept my head calm and focused when others have needed a port in a storm but I chock, sputter and stall out when it comes to what other might consider little things. For most of my life I have made decisions based on what was right for my parents, husband, kids, friends and now my sweet farm furry family members but I must say I have not placed me at the front of the list ever. Now I feel like this coming year is going to be presenting change that I might not have the answers too...

So, now I turn to you level headed folks - How do you handle change??? What change or changes might you be making for the coming year?? What has been your biggest change that you handled this year?? I think maybe if we share the process we might create the best year ever!!!


Sheri said...

Some changes are harder to deal with than others. When faced with change that can seem really scary, I remind myself that change is the nature of the Universe. I believe that security is an illusion because the only way we can create the idea of it is to keep everything the same which is impossible. So, when faced with making sometimes difficult changes, I just remind myself to live in the moment I am in and try to let go of anticipating potential outcomes that may or may not happen.

Brenda Courtney Larson said...

I always hear my Dad's voice in my head when I am going through these tough changes. Two of his favorite sayings were "Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" and "This too shall pass". It always seemed a bit calous to me as a young person, but ya know what? They're both true! So, I try to remind myself of these things...usually after the tears and yelling! LOL!
I also believe that every challenge is "practice" for preparing you for some other, tougher challenge down the road...sort-of like muscle building for your soul! When a tough one comes along that I think I am not going to be able to handle, but then I do handle it, I wonder if I would have been able to if it had not been for the smaller things I've had to deal with that lead up to this bigger challenge.
But I know exactly what you mean about dealing with the big stuff with calm and resolve but melting down over the little things. It's usually when my cup is is that one little drop that makes it spill over. So, then, it really isn't that little thing that is the real issue, it is all the other stuff that was already in my cup!

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace,
All that is written above is very true and good advice. What I have learned in my 57 yrs is that every single thought and feeling in each moment will create the Reality of the next moment. Some changes will happen that appear out of your control, yet you will learn valuable lessons from them. If we desire to make a specific change, we must be very conscious of the thoughts and feelings we are having, keep them in the positive Always...feel positive and you will draw the positive desire to you.
Perhaps you could make a lists of the changes you are feeling/thinking you desire. Choose one at a time, work on that one (thinking new positive thoughts and feelings and positive outcomes)When you have reached a level you are comfortable with, move on to the next and keep up the Positive :) Sending you much Love and Light and Positive Energy, Shary Lou

Katie said...

You have some good friends here.
I had a difficult 2010. Yet, I also realize I have it so good. You with your Deer and Mink following you in the snow. Obviously have much to be thankful for as well. This helps me. Plus I'm realizing I need to slow it down and think of me occasionally. It's hard I'm full on in menopause, have a 22,15 and 4 yr. old. My job was reduced by 75% this last year so I tried to get the farm up to possible job quality standards this year.Daunting task and I think now I realize I have to take more time to do this.But in November here in Calif. I found enough gardening work to cover the 75% loss or something like that.
I think things look especially bad when I need more sleep.The hot flashes keep me up like the animals keep you up.
Good, Good luck.Best wishes in the coming year, Katie Pence-Robbins