Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best Medicine

Instead of swallowing pills, pour a stiff drink or crawling into bed I find the best healing medicine for this gal after a hard day of farm work is Spinning! It can't be just any fiber but rather one of my sweet one's - MONK! This boy is the spitting image of is Great Grandfather Thor... Monk is the son of Ebony and when he was born he hated to be touched - even by his four legged mother. Hence the name. He then warmed up to contact but to this day you have to wait till he wants to.

Saturday was a hard working day for me. I had five 10 foot heavy metal gates to repair after all the storms and the play full antics of some of the large billies. This is a large task to do when you have help but it is even more of a challenge when it is done by one person - Yep, me... With this nasty bug I have been battling for more time then I wish to count, it was going require even more thought then muscle. Needless to say that was too is also weak at best. Never fear with trail and error I was able to re drill, hammer in large screws the size of two thumbs and then lift up and hang the gates. I rewired broken fence line and reconfigured new catch pens and stop gaps. With all the repairs done it was time to move the largest and oldest Billies. I opened the gate and all 5 of them walked in single file behind me and across the farm. I was feeling a bit like the Piper with some magical powers. We reached their new digs with the 3 through 5 year old billies. I opened the gate and the walked in nicely and took their turn at the water container. WOW, that was amazing... I closed the gate, latched it and stood in pure joy on how they all touched noses and then sat down. I moved the older boys over because this pasture is next to the forest and with the Mountain Lion back I wanted the older boys to leaned a hand in keep the others safe.

It is now time to come in and get cleaned up. That task proved to be the hardest of the day. My muscles, bones and spirit was drained and in pain. With a clean body and a tummy full of pizza I needed to start the process of healing so to the wheel I sat.

With the first couple treadles my body lifted and my muscles felt joy not pain. My hands which could hardly hold the pizza came alive with the movement of drafting the fiber. My back who was screaming began to rest into the dance that this body knows so well - best medicine for me.

Before I knew it the pain was gone and I had filled two bobbins worth and was starting on a third. I spent the day working with cold hard steel but ended my day in the softest silver cashmere - what could be better???

What is your tonic in life??


Anonymous said...

Grace, you amaze me! If my day has been too hard I stretch out in my recliner. If I am feeling a little "down", we have a donkey that lays his head on my shoulder while I scratch behind his ears. We do that on a dail basis regardless how I feel.

larkspur funny farm said...

Jalia - sounds wonderful. What is your Donkey's name??? Medicine comes in many forms and so scratching behind ears is a GREAT one. You can do as much as they will let you and it is very habit forming...

Anonymous said...

He was already named Charlie when he come to live with us. Our last name is Brown so we call him "Charlie Brown".

Sheri said...

Me too! I find that spinning is a great way to balance my energy and bring it back to center. I don't know how you do what you do. You amaze me, girl.

Ngo Family Farm said...

Aw, Grace, that was beautiful!

Spinners End Farm said...

I too, relieve stress and feel zen when spinning (On an Ashford Joy too!), or sitting with my favorite sheep "Winter Sky Fancy Pants" who will lay down right next to me and put her head in my lap.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Sheri - you work just as hard as I do.. Spin away that stress.

Jaime - many thanks for stopping in - this is such a dreamy fiber to spin. Much differenty then then Cashmere yarn you purchased. I still love that neck warmer.

SEF - what a big name for a sheep. What do you it for short?