Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yearly Routine

Early in the morning mist I spied this amazing fellow working on the nest that is built every year in the birdhouse that hangs outside my kitchen window on the electrical pole. It is something small that marks the routine that we all follow. I wonder if the birds awake to the thought "I am bored" or "No One Appreciates Me", or even "I think I want to do something different but I have no idea what".. I watch my goats get up every morning to the same routine with slight variations but driven by instinct.. Many of the girls are still not happy they did not give birth this year and tell me about it everyday while others are enjoying the lack of responsibility to a young one.

I am wondering if anyone out there is thinking of new horizons, spreading their wings for new lands, or are you finding that your driven by past routines??


Sheri said...

I think that we tend to make certain rituals around our patterns of behavior. How just our morning routine becomes so ingrained that we go through it without any thought at all. Just changing one small part of that routine makes us feel out of balance the rest of the day. (like the no coffee, coffee...) It is only humans who wonder if the path they are on is old and worn out and if it's time to do something else. This is a relatively new happening - in the past the patterns stayed pretty consistent generation after generation. We wonder if even the desire for these changes is the right thing to do....we are plowing the road, girl so of course it feels strange to be in this space. Just be and don't judge it.

caprejan said...

I often say that I am not stuck in a routine,because I like to change so often.
I am a seasonal bird and need to change my creative side of my life at different times of the year. But looking at it, they are the same things that Ive done for the past 35 years, so I am driven by my past routines I suppose. Also when one is a responsible person, especially where animals are concerned I find that I must have a routine, otherwise they suffer.
Sorry about your sad little girls, do tell them that motherhood can be very tiring sometimes,better luck next time. Also thank you for your kind words its good to get them.x

Candy C. said...

I am very much a creature of habit and love having my routines! ;-)