Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hot from the oven

Trying to tempt my tummy with a home made pizza. A garlic herb crust - thanks to my bread machine, 24 hour slow cooked roasted tomato spicy sauce, finely chopped veggies and just the right amount of five cheeses - I give you my Lunch for today... I hope to have worked up a well deserved appetite as long as my stomach is willing. Still battling this Yuck but luckily this delicious pizza keeps well in the frig. Hope you have a tasty day!


Ngo Family Farm said...

YUM! I'm working extra hard today. Can I have some? ;)

Sheri said...

Yum from me too! You are ambitious this morning.

MamaTea said...

Oh yum! I love homemade pizza. We are battling the ick here as well. I sure hope you have an appetite for it when it comes time to eat! It looks delicious! :)