Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FREE Fimo Beads

Yes you read that right - Anyone wish some Fimo Beads?? They will cost you only the shipping which is 6 ounces. If you would like this lovely selection please just leave me a comment with your zip code and we will work it out.... I am trying to get new homes for things that I have tucked away nicely and will never use.

Thanks for helping me find them a new home.


Keeper of the Past said...

Grace, I hope your ladybug knows it is Spring!
Have you found a home for your beads? I am making some jewelry and would love to take them off your hands. I will happily pay the postage...

larkspur funny farm said...

They are yours!! Just send me an email ggerberlff@aol.com with your zip code and how you wish to pay for postage - paypal or other and these will be yours. I am having to go lay down a bit - headache but will get this done quickly for you. Thanks..