Thursday, March 15, 2012

Round Two

Round Two of Cream!! Dottie is getting as excited as my Grandson Reese about the cream.. They both love it.

Mira is not going to even look at what is going on - she stick close to her Mother which is O.K. too!.. Before everyone gets the wrong idea - I do not follow after my animals worrying and keeping them from being who they are meant to be. Even with my own human son's I did not follow after them. I always told them unless a bone was sticking out or the bleeding would not stop "Your O.K.". Both of them are fearless in so many ways - while understanding in order to live life you will end up with bumps, bruises and yes even cuts... There was a time with my youngest I worried that the ER doc's would think someone was abusing him because he was always doing things. Like the time he wanted to be He Man and got under the shelving of his metal bunk bed and lifted it off the ground. WOW, Strong Kid I don't think he was even three - that was until the screws stripped and it came crashing down and smashed his nose. What a lot of blood, crying, screaming and broken nose. The doctor stated we where so lucky because the broken bone could have been driven into his brain. Then there was the phase were he swallowed everything he could get his hands on - money, keys, marbles and lego's - almost chocked to death.. Turn blue, stopped breathing and his throat received a small tear when I finally got is dislodged as the Paramedic just arrived. The list could go on but he is not the only one in this family but we wont even go down the story road with my oldest son or worse yet my husband. So I guess over the years with all the drama's and injuries I have learned to be a tad bit hyper aware. Besides do you have any idea how hard it is to set an animals leg by yourself??? Don't want to be doing that again anytime soon.

I must admit the moment her cream was on that sweet soft nose and she received her kisses, off she ran at full speed to join Mari and the birds playing on this sunny day...


Suporna Sarkar said...

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caprejan said...

How beautiful, please tell me more about your lamas, I dont know anything about keeping them etc, they look delightful.
Yes I remember too, the awful things that happened to the children when they were small, it makes your heart flip to think how they and us survived doesnt it? Have a good weekend

Laurie said...

Oh my! Those babies are so sweet!!