Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strange Bed Fellows

With the heat raging on into the 100's, fires running wild in the State and spending most of my day trying to keep animals hydrated and calm as they smell smoke in the air, this gal is one tired smelly puppy...

Last night after filling the water containers in all the pastures for the 4th time I smelled like, well I guess we just wont go there but I was too tired to stand and shower so it was the leather couch. Yuck!!! Sticking to leather is not fun and I think I have left several skin layers behind each time I would get up. Anyway, as I was just about to doze off I felt this strange feeling. I kept still and tried to figure out what was crawling up my chest.. Yep, I jumped off the couch and did the Girly Scream.. Flicking what was on me across the living room.

I ran to turn on a light and grab a shoe to crush it into the carpet - OH MY look at who came to snuggle. I admit I sat there for the longest time letting it crawl all over my arms and took the picture and then walked it outside and placed it in the front Pinon tree. So after all that it was past midnight and time to check animals and fill up who needed water. So I had an exciting bed fellow or should I say couch fellow but now I am wide awake and still smelly.. Who says I do not have a romantic life?

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