Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Listing All Day Long

Been busy today posting new items up on my Etsy shop site. My butt is numb and I am not one who likes to sit still all this time but with the winds howling so hard outside that nothing can be done there I decided to put on my big girl pants and type... For those who might not know I am also running a 15% off coupon sale for ALL items in my Etsy shop. Yep, you read that right!!

Type in Newlife15 when checking out and all the math is done for both you and I - Neat Huh

I will keep typing away if you will please stop into the shop and take a look around - I know there is a few things that must go home with you... Also, I seem to be unable to answer folks in FB right now so please if you have questions comment here, send me an Etsy convo or email me. For those who keep sending me questions through FB just know I am not be rude just my computer freezes every time I try to answer.

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