Saturday, June 23, 2012

Riding High on High Speedy

It has been an interesting week. First hurtle was I got the truck fixed and I was off the farm for the first time since December 6th, Yes you read that right.

Second while out I had to purchase a new computer because my ancient tower was crapping out and shutting off at will. I held my breath everytime I was near it - Not a way to live. So with a new fangled lap top I came home to find out it could not speak Dial Up - Yes, stop rolling your eyes.

I spent two days on the phone with every possible provider in the world to see if where I live truly is the black hole. I was given one provider Hughes Net. which I again gathered myself and ordered an installation... In my usually way of dealing with things I baked thru the night, cleaned and was without the ability to sleep. Chores were done by 4:30 am and I awaited my new adventure.

The guy arrived right on time (WOW that was exciting) and we spoke of everything I had no idea about - he was patient and kind and we made decissions as to the best place to place the beast so in the next wind storm it would not end up some where over in the next county. Also my home is a challenge - stone and logs so drilling and running cables is a bit more of a challege. He went to work as I started painting yarns and cooking to keep myself calm. After about two hours it was all done and he went to show me how it works. Now he had a paniced look on his face - the router was not working but that is O.K. he will bring a new one on Monday and for now I am sitting at the kitchen table typing away and the speed of light... With all that I have to learn about how to find things on this new laptop sitting at the table is best.

I did find my emails, found the blog, found facebook and yes, I even saw how to see You Tube but don't think this is now going to mean I watch hour after hour of cat's wearing hats or singer want to be's butchering my favorite tunes. What is dones mean is listing a product on Etsy will not take hours, or my research for far away adventures will not take days on end and end in the computer freezing. Most of all it means that I will find more time to do those things that no one else does here but me - like pull weeds, scoop poop, scrub bathrooms or dare I say SLEEP

So wish me luck on the new technology and be kind to me I am learning.

Here is a question - How do I use a flash drive to get pictures off my old computer??? Your rolling your eye again!! I am worried that they will be lost and I worry that if I do it wrong they will be lost. I purchased a couple and found out they do not come with insturctions..... Help if you can Please


caprejan said...

Congratulations, I too have a new laptop,I feel so liberated, I now dont have to share, so I understand where you are coming from. I have spent nearly the whole day messing around etc etc. I wonder if you should put your pics onto a memory stick. But please check with an expert first cos you know Im a bit dopey.

Sharon said...

I got Hughes Net about 16 months ago, before that I only had dial-up...a giant improvement. Love it. To copy your pictures to a flash drive is very easy. Bring the picture up that you want to save to a flash drive, then go to file, save as, and save it to a file named photos or whatever on the flash drive.

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Congratulations on the new computer. I think it will save you so much time in the long run and maybe you will finally have a little Grace time. And just think of all the horror movies you can stream and watch on the computer now.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks for the comments ladies - boy is this not what I am use to and wrote about what happened already...
Stress level over the top here, another fire, smoke and computer already had a melt down but I am putting my mind on the bigger picture... Change does not come easy but willing to learn