Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Stress Filled Day

Thought I would share he reason I love where I live - the day has been more then stressful but when this gal was just way too tired to even think or move I stepped outside and this is what was waiting for me.  So for just a little while I stood and just drank in the beauty that surrounds my farm.  With all the terror that we have gonet thru and still are going thru I gave thanks for the ability to look at the beauty that was being presented to me.  Now, it still smells like I am sitting in the middle of a camp fire and me without the fixings for Smores.  I have packed clothes, paperwork and jewelry just in case.  I worked on files and shredding paper work that is no longer needed.  I sat again with a bra on waiting for the dish guy who never showed up after promising he would be here today.  I did make the best bread today and home made Sloppy Joes which where delish.  With all going on in my world I have to remind myself to live in the moment because tomorrow is never promised to any of us.

I want to thank everyone again for keeping Colorado in their prayers and a special thank you to those who offered to come here and help. You love, kindness and friendship mean the world to me and my sweet one's.  You all give me strength to keep focused and to move in purpose. You are all in my heart.


Ngo Family Farm said...

Been thinking a lot about you Grace, and praying your home and animals continue to be protected from the fires. The place where I grew up was completely evacuated today - my parents have friends who lost their homes :( Such trying times, just hoping it's over soon!

PenCraft said...

I sure hope the fires get under control quickly. You have been in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Grace, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your lovely animals and your farm, that you all stay safe...Linda

Keeper of the Past said...

Praying for you Grace. I hope they can get the fires contained soon but with these temps and the wind blowing..
How will you get your animals out if you have to leave?

caprejan said...

You are so right Grace live in the moment,keep strong,safe and focused, you and your sweet ones are in my prayers.xxxxx