Monday, June 25, 2012

Made it to Monday

Monday Morning and trying to stay up beat.  Long night of moving hoses, checking on animals and trying to rest.  Not much of that but we are safe and standing.  The fire to the East of me was put out with the skill of a small fire department and tons of volunteers.  So that leaves the other six fires in Colorado still going and growing.  It is heavy on my heart because I know what it means to have little time to pack up what you can and drive off the farm and pray with all your might that something will survive.  As I was laying on the couch last night I thought of those who have the other problem - too much rain and water.  If only all things could be smooth and even - so this morning I got showered, dressed, fed the sweet ones and gave THANKS that we made it thru one more night.

Stay safe everyone and wish me luck on the router coming and working this time.  I find it interesting the only two sites I am having trouble with on this new computer is Etsy and PayPal - you know the reasons why I laid out the money for a new one and high speed.  Send good thoughts that I can figure it out..


Tombstone Livestock said...

So glad they got fire near you taken care of ... now hopefully they can get some of the others contained at least. Hard to evacuate on a moments notice when you have livestock. Yeah, like an animal is going to willing and quickly jump into a trailer or other transportation when you need them to do it in a hurry. Heard there was one ranch that loaded as many horses as they could then could not come back for more, neighbor managed to go turn them loose, so sad not knowing if they will manage to survive. Take care, let's pray rest of summer is uneventful.

Georgianne Holland said...

I send you my best wishes Grace and hope that you stay safe today.

Keeper of the Past said...

So glad that they got the fire near you put out and I am praying that all the fires will be put out soon.
Also I hope you can get your new internet and computer to work.

Aprons and More said...

So glad the fire is out around you! We are dry here...just above the rainline, wishing we would get at least a drop or two. But no luck there...just wind and heat. I think middle Georgia should be a desert we are so hot and dry! But Hurricaine season lasts until Novemeber...all we need is the fringe of one! Hugs to all!

Katy :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks ladies for the words and prayers. It is scary times for everyone around the US - Mother Nature really is not playing nicely. I kept the hoses running and up and down all night to check on everyone. The air is thick and hard for the old ones - even this old one. Stay safe ladies and thanks again for your words.