Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Been SO LONG

Hello everyone - I am getting caught up and now able to sit down and write. Boy, it has been a busy couple of weeks and I thank you for waiting on me... Where to start??

First off the wedding is done and with only a few hiccups (what wedding doesn't) the day was wonderful. I do not have pictures to share yet because we are getting them from several sources. No, I did not bring my camera because I had enough things to hold, handle, straighten and well you get the picture - or at least you will soon. Yes, I even managed to get this weird hair into curlers (I am sporting a lot less strands because I had to pull some of the curlers out along with my hair) and into something that resembled a hair do... O.K. that might be stretching the truth but I dare say mine look just as good as those who went to a professional.

Anyway, I managed to get three hours of sleep in 72 hours - not bad but I gave myself two days after the wedding to just sleep, sit and just enjoy my farm. The animals where glad it is over too - not as many snuggles as we all would have liked but trust me I made up for lost time.

Now I am getting back into my work load, filling orders, doing chores and even thinking of new products for the holiday season - so get ready for daily postings and hopefully some fresh ideas - O.K. it will probably be ramblings of a over heated farmgal but heck nothing new there or here....

Glad to be back!!!

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