Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am doing the chicken dance

These marvels are from my new hens (Black Stars) that I added to the coop about three weeks or so ago. I was so excited to see the single egg amongst all the large white eggs I could not contain myself. So far only one of the black girls are laying but I hope soon the others will catch on. Wednesday I even received a double yolk from the sweet girl.... With that wonderful gift came heart ache. One of the sweet white hens passed. I had brought her into my shop and made her a crate with towels and hay. She seemed to be off but I could not figure out exactly what was her illness. I sat with her in my arms and played soft music. She settled down and went to sleep. I checked on her several times in the night but by 4 am she had passed. I wrapped her and then buried her in the morning. I do not eat my girls - I know that most folks would think it a waste but she along with all the others who share my farm and family members not food source.

Back to the great news - I have brown eggs.. The nest is my Mohair Boucle that I finished dyeing the other day and soon will be adding into some new art yarns I am creating. What a nest - only at the Funny Farm - Right??


monica said...

Grace, I am so thrilled for you on the eggs and the yarn is beautiful and usual! So sorry to hear about your little white hen!

larkspur funny farm said...

At least I got to sit with her and spend the time she needed. I worried that this might happen when I was away at the wedding but luckly (if I can say that) I was there with her till the end. Wished I could share some eggs with you!!