Saturday, July 18, 2009

They grow up SO Fast

Can you believe this is my little orphaned doe from last year? She is a graceful beauty now. As you can tell by the photo's she comes each morning to eat close to the house and stand to greet me with a calm, loving spirit. She also goes and greets the goat boys from her childhood. They touch noses and give loving looks to each other.

When folks ask me why would I want to live in the country, don't I miss all the important things that the city offers? I just smile and say "You have to be me to understand the blessings I receive each day". I am so, so, so blessed to have these wonderful beings in my life and I hope in some way I give something back to them of value.

What Joy and Love on four legs....


stregata said...

How wonderful that you are up and posting again! I was beginning to get worried, because of the weather and so... Glad you have so many good things to share! YaY for the brown eggs - they look lovely! Also glad to hear the wedding went well - now you will have more time for - eh, well, hmm, all the other work and some fun too, I hope!
BTW, sure the city offers lots of important things! But city dwellers miss out on all the important things the country offers, don't they?
Take care, Grace!

monica said...

The city will never compare to the country! There is nothing that can compare to the natural beauty that is all around in the country! How wonderful to see this little girl still around!

larkspur funny farm said...

I am glad to be back posting and to normal life - O.K. what is normal for this funny farm girl. Great to hear from you both and hugs to you both for hanging in with me.