Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunset at the Farm

Another heart stopping sunset at the farm. Even the animals are watching this one!
It is never something I take for granted - I know in our busy lives it seems silly to watch a sunset, heck there will be another one tomorrow. What if there wasn't??
What if this one is the last you might see?? Enjoy and take the time to watch each night because who knows if it will be your last !


BritChickNY said...

Absolutely beautiful. Isn't it amazing that every day the sun-rise and sun-set are different? You are right, we need to take the time (and it is only a few minutes) to watch the sun go down and know that it is the end of another lovely day. Thank-you for sharing. (Hm, there are some gorgeous colors in there, how about a "sunset" yarn?

larkspur funny farm said...

You read my mind - I dyed some silk hankies with that very thing in mind - I will have to post those to show folks. They go so quickly out the door I never get around to taking pictures but I sure will on this round.

Take a little time to enjoy the View.

monica said...

Grace, what a beautiful picture and yes there are definitely yarn colors in there!