Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mint who needs Mint?

With the weather only being 54 degrees as I take this picture - my mint is just loving this day... I must admit I too love the cooler temps and it get's me in the mood to work outside. I know most folks love to see the temperatures climb but for me give me those cooler days of fall and winter. I thought I would take advantage of the cool breeze and get to work on the front bed. Over the years I have stopped planting flowers (llamas, goats and wild critters just eat them, not to mention my busy chickens stratching and pecking at anything green) and the weather never seems to want to behave, so my Mint is all there is.. Still I love the wonderful smell each morning of the Spearmint and Peppermint that I grow. During the bitter cold winter I sit and sip on a hot cup of tea from the bounty of my front garden bed. So far now, the Spearmint creeps and covers the antique chair which holds an bowl to catch rain water for the birds who sing in my Pinon Pine Tree. The bees are busy collecting what they can between the storms while I dream of those hot cups of tea that await me.


Lisa said...

i think gardens are like hairstyles.. eventually you learn to stop going against the grain and give in to what works!

larkspur funny farm said...

You are SO RIGHT!!!