Sunday, July 5, 2009

The S**T hit the fan

Sorry it has been so long - GUESS WHAT???? Yes, the weather has been anything but nice around here. We have had horrible storms, hail, HUGE THUNDER and LIGHTEN and even tornadoes AGAIN!!!! I have lived in Colorado all my life and really there has never been any time in my memory that the weather has been like this. The ground is so wet the animals are having hard times getting around. The bugs seem to multiply before my eyes - it is unreal that you have to wear bug spray to sit in your livingroom or wear it to bed so you do not spend the whole night hitting bugs that will drain you of every drop of blood before morning... I look like I have measles - just what I wanted - covered in red bumps for my sons wedding.

Then there are the frogs who are enjoying the pond Mother Nature has made. Has anyone every seen the movie "THE FROGS". It is a really bad B horror movie that was made in the 70's to warn us of what Mother Nature will do to us for screwing up the planet. Well, I feel like I am in the middle of that movie. First, we had attack of the Miller Moths or better known "Mothra". Thousands and thousands of moths pooping on my walls and flying into your face while I try to sleep. Then the Alferd Hitchcock "Bird", hundreds of swallows trying to make nests in every inch of my eves and barns. I must say I am scared from the movie and have a really hate on when birds fly past me. I also really hate when they sit in a line of the electric wires just like in the movie right before they came down at the children on the playground. So, now I am in the middle of "The Frogs". I am wondering if soon I will be apart of the "Mushroom People" - another great B horror movie. If you can get below the grass which is now up to my chest, you will find hundreds of mushrooms. As in the movie - you just do not want to fall asleep in the fog (which reminds of of the great horror movie "The Fog") because you will awake well on your way to becoming a mushroom. I can't believe you do not know this movie !!!
A classic BAD HORROR MOVIE - the best.

Along with the bad weather - Yes, the computer went down. A week of no computer - Heaven and Hell all rolled into one. No it was not the weather it was three years of updates that I guess I ignored and the computer had enough. It crashed the whole thing and it took quite sometime for the computer geeks to fix it because of the sheer numbers involved. O.K. so I do not update with all those weird things that come over the internet from HP - WHO KNEW ?? YES, everyone but me....

Well, I am back so strap yourself in and get ready to get caught up....

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monica said...

Grace, I do hope things calm down in Colorado for you! I have seen "The Frogs" and barn swallows always make me a bit nervous because when I was a kid they used to chase us in our neighbors barn! I have also seen the movie the birds and I remember the scene with all of the sitting on the wires! I have never heard of the "Mushroom People" I hope all is well with your computer now! (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))