Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Wild Weather Weekend

Hate to always be talking about the weather but this weekend was wicked!!!

The storms started again on Wednesday and has not let up. Sunday was the worst here - another afternoon of me running to the basement. As I stood ironing some fabric so I could get busy cutting and sewing a clap on thunder hit and rumbled thru the house. Yes, I screamed like a little girl and dropped the iron on the concrete floor. I moved away from the windows and shut down the power and propane. As I picked up the iron another huge clap. I am REALLY getting tired of this...

As I looked out the windows you couldn't see anything - the rain was coming down so hard and thick that you could not make out even the trees. It looked like the end of days here. I ironed away trying to keep my mind on the task at hand - all the while knowing there was nothing I could do until the storm passed.

Finally, when it stopped and the clouds looked a bit kinder I ran outside to check on everyone. The sweet animals where so scared so I spent sometime hugging and kissing on them. Then ran back to the house. My tummy was turning - fear or hunger - I looked at the clock and it was way past dinner. Leftovers were on the menu and so I went about cooking. As I opened the spice cupboard out came broken glass, dried spices and bits and pieces. All the pegs that hold up the shelves where broken and then two wooden heavy shelves came crashing down and taking out everthing in it path.
I went about cleaning up the mess and what a mess it was!!

Luckly, I had some stacking shelves in the shop that would do for now and so I am back in business for now. Dinner was delayed a couple of hours and the repair list grew again. The waste was I just cleaned out the spice cabinet and purchased fresh new one's. Now I start all over again. Not to mention those pegs are no longer available. I will have to come up with something else to fix them - nothing new there - I never get just the right thing...

So another weather story - really getting tired of this!!! Trust me Colorado is known for perfect weather but I guess we are do for some bad weather but REALLY!

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