Friday, October 8, 2010

BEWARE of Big White Dog with the Big White Teeth!!

For those who have not met my Sophia she is one of my three Great Pyrenees who work this farm and live close in my heart. Since my power house Kasha is getting up there in age and I worry about her health so I have forced Sophia to step up her game around the farm to relieve the pressure off of Kasha. Sophia is now guarding close to the house and has taken over the duties of not only watching over the animals but she will be guarding the shop during business hours... She has really come into her own with these new responsibilities and I was so proud of her the other day as she kept at bay a stranger who wondered onto the farm without notice. This man had no intentions of shopping for fiber goods, nor did he have an appointment to view animals for purchase - not sure what he was up to but Sophia took care of him and sent him running... A special scrambled egg dinner with sausage was Sophia's reward for a job well done.
What a pretty girl and look at those big white teeth!!! The better to eat you with my dear..


Jane said...

What a pretty girl. I can not imagine just how many hours it takes to get a brush through 3 Pyrenees.

Lisa said...

and she's a beauty queen to boot!