Monday, October 18, 2010

Guess What???

Saturday after painting the chicken coop I went inside to calm them down and given them dinner. While I was bent over the big feed bin a horrible sound rang through the coop - almost like someone strangling a cat.. I spun around real quick and look around to see what was going on. Everyone was frozen in their tracks except for this lone chick. She was looking straight at me and puffed up her feathers. I asked "What is wrong sweetie"? and just then out came that horrible sound again from this sweet little girl - GIRL?? You got it right - this is my FREE Exotic Chick - you know, the one free one that I swore was going to be a boy because I only wanted girls. You remember the one that really does not look like my other girls so I tagged that one as my lone chick - well guess what SHE/HE was doing - that's right, crowing. SHE/HE was challenging me - WRONG THING TO DO!!! Now, it is not that I do not like boys - heck I raised two human boys and have a farm with more male goats then female but roosters are not what I wish to raise. I do not eat my charges here at the farm so before everyone tells me to make Sunday Chicken Pot Pie just know that is not what I do here..

I stared at HER/HIM and warned it that if I where it, I would keep a very low profile and not call too much attention to itself... I must admit it is a cute looking thing - not like any of the others and up till that day was just one of the crowd. Even my black hen looked at it as if to say "OH MY, YOUR SCREWED".

So for the past two days SHE/HE has done just that, not a peep, crow or challenge - who knows maybe it was just a fluke but I sure will be keeping an eye on this one... Some FREE EXOTIC CHICK - just call it what it is!! TOO many boys and you need a way to unload them. I guess I will find a way to love it but never challenge this old bird - I am the cock of the walk at this farm.


Jane said...

Sometimes life gives us roosters just to spice things up. Wouldn't life be boring if everything went "right".

Split Rock Ranch said...

I always seem to get 50/50, even on the chicks that have been "sexed". A couple of the males started attacking me so I started carrying the leaf rake around with me - you get a nice long reach and if you have to smack them away before they get to you (which hurts like the dickens!!!) you have less chance of hurting them with the leaf rake because it gives a bit. The Universe finally stepped in to take care of the last rooster who was starting to get mean - an owl helped him cross The Rainbow Bridge. I'm with you, I couldn't eat my roosters (or hens or anything else I've raised).

Anonymous said...

I ordered the same birds at the same time as you. My free chick looks exactly like yours. Do you think it is an easter egger to or a different breed?

I love these birds. I hope you are having as much fun as I am.

larkspur funny farm said...

I have no clue what it is but I tell you it sure has kept out of my way and not made a single sound. Guess it got the message.