Friday, October 8, 2010

Chick Alert!!!

Can you believe how big my girls are getting?? They are now 38 olds old and doing fantastic!! I have everyone that arrived here and I must say I am thrilled. There is one that has no tail feathers to speak of - little tiny ones but the others all have full long tail feathers. I have added a hugh waterer in their section of the coop because I was having to fill their baby one every hour. It took them a day before they would use it but now they enjoy having five gallons available at all times and so do I, for as much as I love them to pieces I really needed to get things done and get a few hours of sleep would be nice.
The lone black older hen goes over the gate to eat their food and at first they were really scared of her. She did nothing to them but bully them at their feed dishes. I warned her that soon they would realize there was more of them then her and work together to force her out... Well, today was that day. As I filled up their dishes and Black Hen hopped over and started eating a few of the bigger ones came up behind her and pecked her on the butt. She jumped, letting out a startled sound and jumped over the gate to her side. She gave me a look as if to say "Mom, did you see what they did to me"? I gave her fresh food on her side and again tried to explain that bullies get bullied.... I am not sure she was listening - fresh food and popcorn clouds the mind of this sweet gal.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and I promise to keep you up on all the coop goings on.

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Laughingrat said...

*grin* Thus was the biter bitten, I reckon!