Friday, October 8, 2010

It's that time again - PAINTING!

Over the years I have had many homes and have painted countless rooms, windows, doors, barns and rabbit hutches but this year I find myself very tired of the whole process. However, I admit it, once I am done I stand back and love the finished work. Now there is just one problem - I am scared to death to be on a ladder so this makes finishing this home a bit tricky. I have four levels to this log home so NOW WHAT?
These are the doors to my shop which is on the ground level. This was half way thru but I finished them late last night by head lamp - Yep, I have been known to do such things - I ran outside between commercial breaks so I could watch Bones and Fringe - Again, Yep I do strange things but it works for me...
Once I finish cleaning the glass and getting the front all spruced up I will share a picture of that too but for today I will be finishing up this and then moving on to the chicken coop. OH HAPPY DAYS - MORE PAINTING!!! Really my next place will be a Yurt where NO PAINTING is required!!!!

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Jane said...

I have actually always wanted to spend some time in a yurt also. Some would find that a bit strange, but they look so cozy.