Monday, October 18, 2010

There's a FOG BANK out there!!!

Quick - do you know what movie that line is from???? Yes, I had to pull it out and start watching it while answering emails and pulling orders - one of my fav's.

With a little bit of snow showing on Pikes Peak this morning and an erry fog coming thru the pasture it was a PERFECT morning for me. Yes, I had to have a hat on to do the morning chores and my Icelandic Sweater to ward off the chill in the air - just my kind of morning. Even the animals where thrilled with the change in the weather, that is except for my sweet little hens. They are not sure what to make of this thin layer of ice on their water container but soon it melts off and all is back to normal. Fall is here at the farm and life is FANTASTIC!

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